Lancaster Team

Approximately 150,000 people are located within the Lancaster Team Area which includes the main portions of the City of Lancaster, and some unincorporated areas. 

North:  Kern County Line
South: Avenue M
East: 70th Street East
West: 40th Street West

Monthly Meeting
You are invited to join us at the CERT monthly meeting on the fourth Wednesday each month, 7-8:30pm at the Lancaster YMCA Legacy Room.

Team Captains Steve and Michele Webb
email:  (661) 943-5271

Squad Leaders:

  Larry Mock (West Lancaster)           

  Jenny Sampson (Newsletter, Teen & School CERT, West Lancaster)

Kenneth Hudgens, (North West Lancaster)

  Jim & Mary Otero (South East Lancaster)

  Mark Hagan (North East Lancaster)

  Jon & Deborah Wolfe (North East Lancaster) 

Ave. H to Ave. L between 20th St. East to 50th St. East

Excluding Ave. J to Ave. L between 20th East and 25th East